Our campus

Our well rounded campus is a truly refreshing and well-maintained environment that allows our students to thrive.

Adjoining the school is Saint Andrew Catholic Church, where children attend Mass and special events regularly.

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Fax: (239) 772-7182

Phone: (239) 772-3922

Our facilities include:

  • Electronic Interactive Smart Boards in all classrooms from
  • 1st through 8th grades
  • Computers in all classrooms.
  • New Macintosh computers and low emission monitors in the computer learning laboratory.
  •  An expansive library with hundreds of books for all levels of reading.
  •  An advanced television studio for student learning and production.
  •  A large art room for creative sessions.
  • Science lab equipped for individual and group work and lessons.

Located near Veterans Memorial Parkway on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral, our two-story facility has easy access, wide hallways and state of the art classrooms.

Our covered pavilion provides a dynamic area for recess and school events.

A sports field also provides a spacious area for our physical education classes and soccer teams.

Tours are available for all prospective parents and families. Please call to arrange yours today.


St. Andrews Leadership Team (SALT)

We believe that each child, created by God, is both alike and unique from every other human being.

This individuality is respected and recognized as an influence on each child’s learning style.

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Dr. Judi E. Hughes



Dr. Vicki Parks

Director of




Teaching Staff

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Hot Lunch Program

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Our lunches are prepared in our fully-staffed cafeteria with full amenities. Our students benefit from freshly prepared, hot meals.


With our PayForIt program, we offer a convenient way for parents to pay for student lunches.


  • A full hot lunch program
  • with a complete kitchen
  • Fully equipped cafeteria
  • Salad bar for our middle school students
  • Favorites for every age

    Janice HoweHot Lunches DirectorClick to emailjhowe@standrewcs.org