Saint Andrew Catholic School serves grades Pre-K through 8th Grade, and we are proud to offer the highest educational value among peer schools from within Cape Coral, Florida, USA. We instill in your children what it takes in today’s world to become star contributors to the greater community, centered in their faith.

Here at Saint Andrew Catholic School,

  • Your children receive the highest quality academic environment with challenging programs that meet the needs of each unique child.
  • Your children enjoy the historically safe and exemplary atmosphere that reflects the best of what private schools offer.
  • Your children excel in character according to the traditional faith many of you have already come to appreciate since your own childhood.
  • Your children receive the programs and community only partly captured by this website, which has been developed for your examination.

Learn more, and experience for yourselves the gratification of having your children participate among their peers at Saint Andrew Catholic School. Explore this website to discover additional information or call Mr. David Perry, our principal, to answer your questions, and arrange for a tour.

Don’t miss our Letter from the Principal, Testimonials from parents and students, and other features of this site which should answer many of your questions.

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St Andrew's Seal

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